Pump Suction Screen


Yardney Pump Suction Screens are designed to filter larger contaminants on the intake piping to allow other equipment such as pumps or primary filtration units to run smoothly without clogging.  Whether pumping water from a pond, stream, canal, river, irrigation ditch, pit, sump, or a golf course lake, you need the water to be free of trash and debris that could block water flow and damage the pump or clog water-distribution equipment. Our self-cleaning screen is designed to continuously remove trash and debris from water sources saving you time, fuel and maintenance costs. Pump Suction Screens can be used for agricultural, turf, industrial, centrifugal or turbine pump applications.   



  • Prevention of large foreign bodies of debris from entering pump intake piping
  • 35–65 psi standard operating pressure
  • Flow ranges from 325 gpm and up
  • Can be used with virtually any water source to target the removal of larger debris—organic or inorganic


  • Precision internal spray bars continually rotate and blast debris away from the screen
  • No exterior moving parts that can foul and cause water blockage issues
  • Housing utilizes a removable and replaceable stainless steel screen drum saving on repair costs
  • Galvanized pump suction screen body
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel 10 mesh screen for increased pump efficiency
  • Can be installed at any angle without the operation being affected
  • Meets many state and federal standards requiring pre-screening of pump intakes
  • Standard with a flanged connection
  • Improves primary filter downstream of pump by reducing the contaminant and loading concentration
  • Made in USA

Standard Assembly Includes

  •  Galvanized carbon steel housing
  • Stainless steel filter mesh
  • Internally rotating spray bars for contaminant removal
  • Wye strainer—essential on the water jet supply line

Available Options

  • Sealed stainless steel bearing
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Galvanized check valve to retain pump prime (Link below)