Backwash Valves


Yardney Backwash Valves are manufactured in-house. All three Yardney backwash valve models (1-1/2", 342 & 454) are manufactured from cast iron and CNC machined for proper and effective sealing of all wetted surfaces in order to achieve the lowest documented pressure drop in the industry. The Yardney Backwash Valve is designed as standard equipment to be 100% field serviceable with basic hand tools and includes a grease fitting for valve shaft lubrication and replaceable brass bushing and all sealing and gasketed surfaces. 


  • Backwashing of Yardney automatic systems including media filters and Maxi-Flush screen filters 


  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Rugged and 100% field re-buildable with basic hand tools
  • CNC machined cast iron valve body
  • Stainless steel seal retainers
  • Polyurethane valve seal for durability and long life
  • Internal steel parts are 100% polyester powder coated for extended life
  • Exterior of valve is coated with UV stabilized polyester powder coat for longer product life and greater protection from the environment
  • 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy coating on 100% of the internal valve body
  • Replaceable brass bushing with internal grease cavity and double O-ring seal protected for easy on-site maintenance without removal of the valve from the system—a feature not found in competitive valves
  • Grease fitting for periodic maintenance and lubrication of the valve shaft—a feature not found in competitive valves
  • Type 416 pump shaft quality stainless steel valve shaft with wrench flats for easy removal and service
  • Available in three sizes: 1-1/2", 3" and 4"
  • Air or water actuation
  • Made in USA