Mini Media


Yardney Mini-Media Filters are designed as a sand media solution for lower flow applications. These rugged, simple filters are built with the same high performance, high efficiency standards as our other product lines. Constructed of high strength carbon steel, the Mini-Media is fusion epoxy lined on wetted surfaces. Underdrains are made of Type 304 stainless steel for extra-long life.


  • Removal of algae, slime or other organic contaminant as well as sand, rock, grit and other inorganic contaminants to protect drip and micro-irrigation systems from plugging with fine filtration removal down to 200 mesh or 75 microns
  • 125 psi standard operating pressure
  • Flow ranges from 15-45 gpm


  • Lower flow applications down to 15 gpm
  • Standard operating pressure of 125 psi
  • Easy-entry lid closure
  • Available in welded carbon steel
  • Stainless steel wedgewire underdrain
    • Ensures structural integrity in the harshest conditions
    • Hydraulically balanced to increase effectiveness of backwash while reducing flush frequency and waste of water
    • High strength stainless steel wedgewire will withstand a collapse pressure in excess of 600 psi
  • 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy coating on interior surfaces
  • Exterior of housing is coated with UV stabilized polyester powder coat for longer product life and protection from the environment
  • Made in USA

Standard Assembly Includes

  • Yardney easy-entry lid closure
  • Inlet and outlet manifolds
  • Grooved couplings to connect hardware
  • Coated steel inlet and outlet manifold
  • Steel backwash manifold
  • Semi-automatic valves
  • 1.5" brass gate valve

Filtration Process

Filtration Process

Filtration Process


  • The contaminated water enters the tank through the inlet manifold, transitioning to the Yardney 3-way valve and into the top inlet of each tank.
  • The Yardney two-stage deflector creates a uniform distribution for laminar flow across the media bed while avoiding channeling of the media bed.
  • Particulate is trapped and retained within the media bed resulting in clean process water flowing out through the stainless steel wedgewire underdrain, to the outlet of each filter tank and to the outlet manifold for end use.


Superior filter performance is achieved by the added features of a larger inlet, two-stage deflector, 14" media bed depth, gravel pack and a hydraulically balanced underdrain to produce a low pressure drop which will produce longer run times between backwashes. 

Backwash Process

Filtration Process

Filtration Process


  • Backwash sequence is initiated by either elapsed time of the Yardney controller or pressure differential between the inlet and outlet manifolds.
  • Water or air pressure opens the Yardney 3-way valve causing the reverse flow of a portion of filtered water up through the stainless steel underdrain to hydraulically and uniformly lift the media bed.
  • The use of a hydraulically balanced underdrain in conjunction with a gravel pack creates a proper and uniform lift of the media bed while avoiding a turbulent backwash.
  • Particulate is released during the backwash event, exhausted through the backwash manifold and routed to a convenient location.
  • One tank at a time is backwashed while continuing to process water for use until the entire system is clean.
  • Once completed with the backwash, filtration continues until the next backwash event is called for.

Superior backwash performance is achieved by the use of a hydraulically balanced under-drain and gravel which produces the proper lift and fluidization of the sand media bed to ensure complete release of entrapped particles which will produce a low pressure drop and longer run-times between backwashes.