Since 1965 Yardney has provided leading technologies and products for water filtration systems for Agriculture and Irrigation markets. All low volume micro spray and drip, sprinkler and emitter irrigation systems have one common requirement for success—clean water. Without it these systems fail. Yardney was the first company globally to dedicate itself to water quality improvement systems for agricultural and irrigation applications.

While our products have continued to evolve and improve, the same basic principles of design are in practice today. With filter technology that has been tested in hundreds of applications, thousands of times over—we know what works.

Our wide range of filtration products are designed with the grower in mind. No matter the acreage or water source, Yardney provides advanced expertise to engineer a product specifically for your application.


Carbon Steel Sand Media Automatic or Semi Automatic


Yardney Sand Media Filters are designed as a solution for the most challenging dirty water conditions in irrigation systems. Yardney pioneered the use of sand media filtration in 1965 and through advancing technology, continues to provide high performance and long term value in the field. Yardney Sand  Media filters are manufactured in the USA to the most exacting standards. 

Stainless Steel Sand Media Automatic or Semi Automatic


Yardney sand media filters are offered in both stainless steel and carbon steel in multiple configurations including standard design and pressures, or one of the many alternative designs with high-pressure tanks, interior epoxy coating, removable underdrains, and more.  

Maxi Clean (MCS) Manual Clean


 Yardney Maxi-Clean Screen Filters are designed for high performance contamination removal in applications where durability and economy are essential. Constructed of heavy-gauge carbon or stainless steel, Maxi-Clean filters are lined with 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy for excellent protection from the environment and long product life. The Maxi‑Clean screen filter is easy to operate and comes standard with grooved couplings, manifolds and all accessories for ease of installation.   

Basket Strainers (SB) Manual Clean


Yardney Basket Strainers are a low cost filter solution designed to be used for the removal of inorganic contaminants. Basket strainers trap gross contaminants and are able to withstand a substantial amount of loading without failure. When used as a secondary filter the basket strainer is intended to capture contaminants that may enter the system as a result of a pipeline break or system malfunction. 

Yardney -Filtaworx (FW) Automatic Clean


Yardney - Filtaworx automatic self-cleaning screen filters provide excellent protection for all types of irrigation systems including drip, micro-spray, sprinklers and golf course systems. Filtaworx screen filters are one of the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available combining proven high performance, reliability and economy in a compact robust design. 

Thru Flush Automatic or Semi Automatic Clean


Yardney Thru-Flush screen filters provide excellent filtration for water sources where inorganic particulate is the major contaminant. The Thru-Flush cleaning action quickly purges the trapped contaminant from the filter using your source water line and pressure. This technology utilizes turbulent water action to shake loose the contaminant from the screen and discharge the contaminant out of the housing .  

Maxi Flush (MFS) Manual or Automatic Clean


Yardney Maxi-Flush automatic backwash screen filters provide the ultimate in high rate screen filter performance. Built for durable trouble-free service, the filter and cartridge have no internal moving parts to wear out, break down or replace. The field changeable stainless steel filter cartridge requires no maintenance and is constructed with burst strength in excess of 400 psi.  

Spin Flow (SF) Manual Clean


Yardney Spin Flow screen filters offer the benefits of a vortex action spin flow with the advantages of a woven mesh screen filter. Water enters the screen housing tangentially, vortexing the flow—a technique that separates heavy particulate away from the fine mesh cartridge. This method of separation simplifies and reduces cartridge cleaning. Heavy sediment is flushed from the filter through a conveniently located flush port, while the finer contaminant is trapped on the fine screen cartridge. 

Centrifugal Sand Separator Manual or Automatic Clean


Yardney Centrifugal Sand Separators are ideal for removal of suspended solids and inorganic materials with a specific gravity of 2 or greater. This highly effective system will provide consistent, simple removal of inorganic material down to 75 microns. Easily installed, these carbon steel units are rated to 150 psi with threaded or flanged inlet and outlet connections. Smaller models are designed for vertical installation while larger models are angled and floor or ground mounted.

Sizing must be within the specified flow range for proper centrifugal action. Larger flow separators and custom designed systems are available.

Pump Suction Screen Automatic Clean


Yardney Pump Suction Screens are designed to filter larger heavier contaminants on the  pump intake piping to allow other equipment further down the infrastructure such as pumps or primary filtration units to run smoothly without clogging or blinding. Our self-cleaning screens are designed to continuously remove trash and debris from water sources saving you time, fuel and maintenance costs. Pump Suction Screens can be used for agricultural, turf, industrial, centrifugal or turbine pump applications.  

Accompanied with a galvanized check valve the pump and water system will not loose prime.

Fertilizer Tank (HF)


Yardney Fertilizer Tanks are chemical application products that provide a simplified method to dispense fertilizer or other chemicals through a low-volume, drip or sprinkler irrigation system. Since these products operate by using the irrigation line pressure and flow, they do not require a pump, motor or other mechanical injecting device. 

Galvanized Check Valves


Yardney's galvanized check valves are highly recommended for use on pump inlets for retaining system pressure. These may be used with or without a Yardney pump suction screen and also include a 3/4" fitting to drain the system for maintenance or winterizing.

Gravity Screen Filter Automatic Clean


Yardney Gravity Screen Filters are designed as a primary filter or for recycling and reuse of backwash water from a primary filtration system. These rugged, stainless steel filters are built with the same high performance, high efficiency standards as our other product lines. 

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