• Sacrificial Anodes are included as a standard on all stainless steel products.
  • Sand Media and Thru-Flush Filtration systems are unsurpassed for clean water solutions.
  • Industrial Multi Media Filtration Systems are available for a fine filtration down to 5 Microns.
  • Industrial Storm Water packaged systems available for compliance of the "Clean Water Act of 1972".
  • Yardney Centrifugal Sand Separators are available from 4 gpm.
Time. Quality. Experience. Knowledge.

Yardney Water Filtration Systems specializes in clean water solutions for irrigation and industrial applications worldwide.

Built on time, quality, experience and knowledge, Yardney has provided reliable, high quality water filtration since 1965.


NEW Filtaworx® Automatic Self-Cleaning Screen Filter

Toro Visits Yardney

Yardney’s new Filtaworx® automatic self-cleaning screen filter provides excellent protection for all types of irrigation systems including drip, micro-spray, sprinklers and golf course systems. Filtaworx screen filters are one of the most technically innovative self-cleaning filters available combining proven high performance, reliability and economy in a compact robust design. 

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Yardney Introduces the SM-400 to its Popular Line of Sand Media Filters

Toro Visits Yardney

Yardney has introduced the SM-400 Sand Media Filter model for irrigation applications to its popular line of filters. The SM-400 model offers additional savings in time, water and maintenance costs.

The SM-400 includes two 6-inch drain ports that translate into less labor for service technicians when replacing media. A removable underdrain through the 6-inch drain ports also makes maintenance of the tanks easier than before. With this new product offering, Yardney offers upgraded product options within a more competitive price structure. Customers can select from two underdrain product options—a standard underdrain or optional cross-flow underdrain. 

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Weld Tabs

Sand Media Filter Standard Features Updated

These new and improved features are now standard on all Sand Media products for irrigation applications.

  • Weld tabs
  • Weld couplings
  • Powder-coated exterior coating

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Sales Position Open: Irrigation Market | Midwest and East Coast

Yardney is currently seeking a strong sales professional for the sales of irrigation filtration equipment throughout the midwest and east coast of the United States. Responsibilities include managing a network of dealers and representatives, developing new dealer relationships and calling directly on growers.

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Made in USA

Not All Filters Are Created Equal

It was in the mid-1960s in the rich citrus growing region of Southern California that Yardney began business. Farmers needed to filter sand, silt and grit from their irrigation water. Addressing that need, Yardney pioneered water filtration systems that became known for their smart design, rugged built-to-last fabrication, and good value. There was no going back.

Today the Yardney standards remain exacting and demanding with no compromise in quality. From the solid welds on our equipment, to the thickness of the steel of our tanks, from a practical valve design, to the durability of our systems, our products are entirely and proudly built in the USA.

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Fleischmann’s Yeast Gains Significant Savings Through Yardney Automated Filtration System

The Challenge
This food processing plant located in Memphis, TN was unable to use the water from a newly drilled well for boiler and cooling tower make‐up due to the high level of iron (Fe) in the water. This resulted in higher than expected plant operating costs since the company had to purchase water from the city for these uses.

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Filtration of Irrigation Water for Sweet Potatoes at D & S Farms

Goal: Keep the drip irrigation systems at D & S Farms from plugging so they keep running efficiently to meet the heavy demands of the large sweet potato grower/operation and its co-owner Dave Souza.

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