Remote Access Controller

Remotely connect to the Yardney Synergy backwash controller

Yardney's SynergyPlus+ Remote Access Controller will allow users to start and stop filtration systems and backwash events and allow for real-time system status updates.

Remotely adjust all filtration settings and parameters, flush cycles, period, duration and more. Access real-time data by mobile device or computer. Leveraging Hortau's cloud-based platform, users can also receive alerts and alarm notifications by text or email when key events take place. The platform also allows for exporting historical data logging for analysis of water and energy conservation.


  • Remote or in the field adjustment of all filtration settings and parameters including flush cycles, period, duration, etc.
  • Live real time filtration system status
  • Live real time GPS and mapping of all filtration systems within your network
  • Alerts and alarm notifications via email or text
  • Exportable historical data logging for analysis of filter performance for energy and water conservation
  • Multi-user passwords provide total control and simple access and visibility to users
  • Cloud based access through Hortau's loT platform via computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Dealer and/or manufacturer diagnostic assistance for proactive and timely resolution
SynergyPlus+ Remote Access controllers