Synergy Automatic Controller
Expandable Stations

The Yardney Synergy automatic controller is a simple and easy-to-use backwash filter controller. The filter control system design features user selection flexibility of power source input, number of station outputs, AC/DC or latching solenoids. The controller incorporates elapsed time monitoring as well as pressure differential activation with filter system backwashing activity reported through the backwash cycle counter program. The Synergy Controller is available with up to sixteen stations.


Initiates backwashing on all applicable Yardney water filtration systems including Sand Media, Multi-Media, Granular Activated Carbon and Maxi‑Flush systems


  • 16-station output
  • Operates up to 2 valves per station plus a master valve
  • Selectable input power: 110V AC, 220V AC, or 12V DC
  • Backwash on time stamp, elapsed time or pressure differential
  • Programmable filter-backwash frequency, duration and delay
  • Manual start with station advance and stop
  • Water and bug resistant enclosure
  • Pre-dwell 0-5 minutes
  • Alarms events displayed on digital screen display including output terminals for light and/or siren
    • Continuous backwash
    • Short circuit of solenoid
    • High pressure with automatic pump shutdown
    • Faulty panel
    • Faulty pressure differential switch
  • 72-hour power backup in the event of a power outage
  • Digital display with selection of English or Spanish
    • Real-time hours and minutes
    • Number of backwash events
    • Number of backwash events within a time period
  • Wire loom block for quick and easy solenoid wire installation and removal
  • USB port for historical data logging
  • Made in the USA