Maxi-Flush Screen Filters
Automatic Backwash System

Yardney Maxi-Flush Screen filters provide the ultimate in high rate screen filter performance. Built for durable trouble-free service, the filter and cartridge have no internal moving parts to wear out, break down or replace. The field changeable stainless steel filter cartridge requires no maintenance and is constructed with a burst strength in excess of 400 psi.

The patented Yardney 3-way backwash valve controls the highly effective reverse flow backwashing. During the brief backwashing cycle a portion of the clean water produced by the system is diverted to the filter housing undergoing backwashing. This flow of clean water frees contaminants from the cartridge while discharging these contaminants from the system and restoring the filter back to a clean filter condition. Each filter housing is sequentially backwashed until the entire system is cleaned.


  • Industrial process water, incoming plant water, waste water clean-up, industrial water for plant reuse
  • Removal of algae, slime or other organic contaminant as well as sand, rock, grit and other inorganic contaminants with fine mesh filtration down to 200 mesh or 75 microns
  • 100 psi standard operating pressure (high pressure systems available)
  • Flow ranges from 250 gpm and up


  • Heavy duty, durable backwashable welded stainless steel wedgewire screen filter
  • Rugged, field-changeable, washable and replaceable welded stainless steel wedgewire filter available in 40, 80, 100, 150, 200 mesh
  • Wedgewire screen cartridge produces long run times between backwash cycles
  • Backwash automatically initiated by elapsed time or pressure differential
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Yardney easy-entry lid closure
  • Available in welded carbon steel
  • 3M Scotchkote® 134 fusion bonded epoxy coating on interior surfaces
  • Exterior of housing is coated with UV stabilized polyester powder coat for longer product life and greater protection from the environment
  • Made in USA

Standard assembly includes:

  • Yardney easy-entry lid closure
  • Filter element
  • Valves
  • Inlet and outlet manifolds
  • Multiple housings include inlet and outlet manifolds and grooved couplings to connect all components

Available options:

  • ASME code
  • High pressure
  • Solar package
  • Custom filter station layout piping
  • Available in purple for reclaimed water applications