Terra Bella Greenhouse Inc. Remodels With a Yardney Multi-Media Filter

At Terra Bella Greenhouse Inc. in Arvin, California, a remodel was in order. The decision to produce a food crop in the three acres of greenhouses and the need to switch from overhead sprinklers to drip irrigation called for a revamp of Terra Bella’s irrigation and filtration systems. Pending legislation also foreshadowed the need for higher water quality in the future in the packing facility.

Jesus Gonzales, President of Terra Bella, says “We wanted to have a better quality of water coming down from our reservoir into the greenhouses.”

Traditional sand media filters remove solids down to 50 microns. Terra Bella wanted to achieve at least 10 microns for the improved water quality and to meet the tighter restrictions that will soon be required in applications such as packing houses, hot houses and hydroponics. Terra Bella selected and installed a Yardney Multi-Media filter. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions surrounding the Arvin site, the multi-media filter removes solids down to 5 microns.

Yardney offers an industrial line of filtration products, including multi-media, carbon and deep bed sand media to achieve the quality of water the stricter regulations will require in packing facilities. Made in the U.S.A., the filters feature state-of-the-art fabrication for added strength and long system life. Stainless steel wedgewire underdrains are hydraulically balanced to increase the effectiveness of backwashes, which reduces flush frequency and the water wastage.

Terra Bella contracted Agri-Valley Irrigation for the conversion and install of the Yardney filter. The switchover was done in December when there was no crop in the greenhouses. The process “went very smoothly,” Gonzalez says. “The Agri-Valley people said they would get it done in two hours. They had a small window, so they brought everything pre-fab and ready to set up and go. It worked out perfectly with no problems at all.”

Yardney personnel were on-hand to make sure the filtration controls were set properly. Gonzalez says, “We were happy with the work and the installation. Everything went without a hitch and worked right away. There have been no call backs. It’s really a great filter.”

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